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Monday, October 14, 2013

Life and the Summer of 2013

Life always seems to just steamroller over me sometimes.  It's been a while since I posted and I am sorry for that.  I know that for some the fun little Cool Colors are fun to look at for others it's seeing a little peek into my life and what is going on around and with me.
This summer the usual and the unusual happened.  The kids were on the Larkey Sharks Swim Team again.
We had a great time with the team. Summer on the other hand decided to test us.  Our sweet dog, Karma, that we just rescued in November decided to jump off my parents retainer wall in their back yard and land funny causing her to tear all the joints in her right front leg.  After visiting different vets to get options on what to do, we opted for surgery. We thought they were going to have to fuse the whole joint, but they ended up saving the joint and she should have full mobility in another 6 weeks.  She is finally out of casts and constant bandage changes and only in a brace now.
Of course Summer was not finished testing us.  On the evening of June 26th, my father found my mother on the ground when he came home from work.  He called 911 and they took her off to the hospital, where the 1 ER doctor pronounced her brain dead.  She had a brain aneurysm. On June 27th the 2nd doctor pronounced her also brain dead, which means she had officially passed away.  Respecting her wishes to be a donor, we had already talked to the doctors the evening before and set into motion the last mitzvah my mother was to do.  She helped 4 people that we know of and many more with what the transplant doctors were able to retrieve.  She is missed everyday and it is still very hard for me to think about.
During all that was happening with my mother I tried to keep things as normal as possible with the kids. Gabe came down with an upper respiratory infection which kept him out of the water for a week and Chad ended up in the ER on the very night we laid my mother to rest with kidney stones. I sure hoped we were done with all this trail and tribulation as I was really done with trying to keep it all together.
The boys kept me distracted for the remainder of the summer with swim team and just being the boys that they are.  Gabe finished swimming and started soccer all in the same week.  Then school started and the distraction was gone. Though as I have learned life does go on. It's hard, but I am adapting.
Now life just goes on.  I'm working for a little while at school and of course still volunteering. Plus I am part of the PTA and the School Site Council.  It may sounds like a lot, but I am actually slowing down and focusing on the family and myself much more. Doing things with my father and keeping us all focused and busy.

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