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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Big Changes!!

Today was a big day for me.  I have been growing out my hair for over a year and it was finally long enough, 10 inches, to donate to Locks of Love.  This was a big deal as my hair hasn't been this short in a really long, long time.  You have no idea what a feeling it was to have that ponytail cut off.  Many people told me that I would be really upset, but I have to say I was so excited it didn't even faze me.  I was also told that K might cry since he is young and won't like the change.  I have to say he totally loved it and even told me I looked so pretty.  That made me feel good.  So off to the Post Office I go to mail my hair off to FL for Locks of Love.


  1. That's so great! I did that about 10 years ago, donating nearly 20 inches...went from VERY long hair to a short bob, and loved it!

    It feels good to do something for a good cause!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I agree with Kaleb :) XO